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Travers-Avia Service company has been providing its services in the air market for 9 years. The company profile involves organizational implementing of passenger transportation out of the central timetable, as well as business flights, airfreight transporting, technical maintenance of foreign type aircrafts.

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Hiring aircraft is a service for people who esteem their time and security. If you take advantage of business aviation you won't have to conform to the timetable of regular flights. Aircraft order is a procedure that takes minimum time. Our managers will do all the work on choosing the proper aircraft, and experienced crew will get you, your family, friends, business partners to the needed place at proper time.

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We can meet any demand of yours while choosing the aircraft and offer the craft according to your requirements and desires - from small business jets to spacious passenger line aircrafts for charter flights. If you don't have any special requirements we will offer the optimum alternative for you.

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