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Since its foundation Travers Avia Service company (TRAS) has been specializing in rendering a wide range of services in the air transportation field.

At present the company supplies its customers with executive handling services for the unscheduled passengers flights, business flights, air cargo, line maintenance of aircraft of different foreign types. All kinds of work are confirmed with the relevant certificates granted by the aviation authorities of the Russian Federation.

One of the key factors of the company success along with the essential constituent of high quality services is its own Maintenance Department. Its team has higher technical aviation education and ample work experience in this field.

TRAS is actively extending its potentiality and provides its clients with all-inclusive services. In the company’s list of services one can find virtually everything that might be necessary for a comfortable flight. Besides the direct arrangement of charter flights, handling and aircraft maintenance, the company offers various services such as airline's representative office, order of VIP-lounges and business terminals; passengers and crew transfers, hotel accommodation and conference room booking.

TRAS' staff takes care of every aspect including consulting services on aircraft purchase and sale, aircraft operating management, organizing corporate and VIP flights. Our team is always improving its professional level going through different trainings abroad as well directed to ensure air traffic safety and the highest standards of work.

Besides its main activity the company provides foreign airline companies such as AeroSvit and Dniproavia with representative services at Moscow airports. The company has been making several aircraft presentations with its partners, for example with such a manufacturer as Raytheon Company. In 2005-2006 Travers-Avia Service sponsored some events such as The Children Film Festival in Artek in 2006.

The company policy of service quality improvement allows us to stand the competition with other firms. TRAS's strategic aim is to obtain the recognition of the aviation community as a competitive service company that works in compliance with common world standards as well as long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions.

Moskow, 2 Raysovaya, st. 8/29
+7 (495) 436-4892, 436-7566

+7 (495) 720-4460, +7 (909) 151-9774  (24h)

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