Air Transportation
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VIP charters

The popularity of business aviation is growing in Russia. VIP charters have stopped being luxury or its sign. Now it is an essential part and a working tool of serious business. Due to VIP charters you can get not only saving the most precious thing – your time, but also the maximum comfort provided specially for you. Read more" Read more



Passenger charters

If your company conducts active corporate policy and the aim of collective rest is team building. If you are developing a new tourist itinerary but the current timetable of regular flights does not meet your requirements. If you need to accomplish the schedule of business trips for a big group of employees. Read more



Cargo charters

Urgent, ponderous or oversized, dangerous or fragile, high-valued – we are ready to select the most suitable and economical variant for your freight delivery by freight charters in any place in the world within optimum terms. Read more




Medical charters

There are moments when saving life and health of your close person depends on many factors, but the most determinative and inexorable one is time. Air transportation is optimum and the safest way of emergency evacuation of an injured or seriously ill person to some special clinic both in Russia and in any other place in the world. Read more




Helicopter Rental

Helicopter Rental... Read more

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