Ground Handling
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Highly qualified staff will do all the tasks for implementing your flight including provision of operative information about airport tariffs and dues, ground maintenance service in Russian and foreign airports, organization of timely refuelling at the optimum price and many other things. Read more




Technical maintenance

Continuous airworthiness management is certified for operative technical maintenance of different foreign type aircrafts of business class. It is filled up with specialists who graduated from higher aviation-technical universities and have work experience in business aviation. Also we have necessary air-technical equipment and tools. Read more

Moskow, 2 Raysovaya, st. 8/29
+7 (495) 436-4892, 436-7566

+7 (495) 720-4460, +7 (909) 151-9774  (24h)

Boeing Business Jet
Boeing Business Jet

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