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Aleksey Gennadievich Fedorovic


Alexey Fedorovich

POSITION: General director since 2001.
BIRTHDAY: September 23, 1970 in Moscow.
EDUCATION: graduated MGTU GA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation) in 1997.
WORK EXPERIENCE: worked at Vnukovo Production Association, later at Vnukovo Airline company as an aircraft mechanic, aircraft maintenance engineer.
Has been working in Business Aviation since 1998. Awarded to "Outstanding Worker of Air Transport ".



Alexander Shimarev

POSITION: Head of the Maintenance Department
BIRTHDAY: April 11, 1965
EDUCATION: graduated Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers in 1987. Specification “Aircraft and Engines Mechanical Engineer ”
WORK EXPERIENCE: has been working at TRAS since 2004.


Moskow, 2 Raysovaya, st. 8/29
+7 (495) 436-4892, 436-7566

+7 (495) 720-4460, +7 (909) 151-9774  (24h)

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