Medical Charters
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Medical charters

There are moments when saving life and health of your close person depends on many factors, but the most determinative and inexorable one is time. Air transportation is optimum and the safest way of emergency evacuation of an injured or seriously ill person to some special clinic both in Russia and in any other place in the world.

Arranging medical charter on the principle "bed to bed" gives the opportunity to follow the ill person's bed rest starting from the moment of resuscitation ambulance van transportation from the place of first hospitalization to the boarding ramp; after landing - from the airport to the hospital for the further medical treatment. Medical aircrafts are provided with special equipment for organizing temporary ambulance. During the flight the ill person is being taken care of by the group of specialists in case of possible operative intervention.

Not only will the ill passenger feel comfortable, but his family members will be relaxed as well.

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