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Every airline company that pays attention to the quality of passengers and aircraft ground handling services should have its representative office at airport. Representative office handles airline company's flights on high quality level, coordinates with the civil aviation authorities, solves problems arising between airline company and airport services, carries out the quality control, works with passengers and clients of the airline company, assist in case of any flight delays. We professionally perform these functions on behalf of airline company.

TRAS's team does its best for the passengers and clients of the airline company to understand that they are being treated by exactly "their" airline company. It is very important for us to do everything possible for passengers and clients to be satisfied with the services rendered by the aircompany.

On behalf of the airline company TRAS employees carry out the following functions:

  • meeting passengers after disembarkation,
  • check-in control and passengers embarkation arrangement,
  • aircraft maintenance and ground handling control,
  • coordination with airline crews,
  • passengers handling in case of flight delay.

Moskow, 2 Raysovaya, st. 8/29
+7 (495) 436-4892, 436-7566

+7 (495) 720-4460, +7 (909) 151-9774  (24h)

Boeing Business Jet
Boeing Business Jet

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