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Vnukovo International Airport

The international Moscow airport Vnukovo  - one of the largest airports of Russia. It  is located in 28 km from the center of Moscow.  From the airport it is daily carried out more than 80 regular flights across Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and ten charter flights across Russia and abroad. In 300 meters from an aerostation complex, in a green zone, the hotel for transients and visitors of capital on 200 places is located.

Thanks to the developed transport system it takes only half an hour to reach metro station "Yugo-Zapadnaya". The aerostation complex Vnukovo-2 serving the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, uses airport Vnukovo landing strips. The established radio engineering and light-signal equipment, means of the Department of Internal Affairs, provide production of landing of planes in the conditions of a meteominimum on 1st category IKAO.

Help   436-28-13
Search of luggage 436-27-32
Police 436-83-20
Customs 436-84-04
First-aid post 436-81-67
Post-cargo complex 436-83-49, 436-00-81
Cargo department of Vnukovo customs 436-25-99
Veterinary service 436-83-63
Boundary control Service 436-78-73
GAI 436-87-67
Unclaimed luggage 436-23-41
Sanitary-quarantine point 436-22-86
Frontier point of quarantine of plants 436-22-86, 436-82-00
Hotel of airport Vnukovo 436-24-62
Joint-Stock Company "Vnukovo - Evrest" (catering) 436-76-35
VIP Lounge dispatcher 436-77-28  
Hall of official delegations 436-72-81


Moskow, 2 Raysovaya, st. 8/29
+7 (495) 436-4892, 436-7566

+7 (495) 720-4460, +7 (909) 151-9774  (24h)

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