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Domodedovo International Airport

The airport of Domodedovo  is the largest and most perspective airport in Russia, wins first place in the country on internal and international cargo air service. Achievement considerable results became possible thanks to the active investment policy of Group EAST LINE directed on reconstruction and re-equipment of the airport on the basis of the advanced world technologies.

At the Domodedovo airport the island system of registration - six islands, two - on 12 racks and four on 10 racks of registration acts. Besides, there are 2 racks of registration of oversized luggage and 8 for registration of passengers without luggage.

Registration islands on the international flights are located to the left of the central input in an aerostation complex, and on the Russian flights - to the right of an input.

Registration on flight also can be passed in the center of Moscow, in a terminal building at Paveletsky station. For passengers of British Airways at the airport 2 booths for automatic registration are located. If you were late for registration pass to a rack of registration of the late passengers.

Airport Services:

Help desk 933-66-66
Automated help desk 720-66-66
Quality control service 504-02-19
Customs 967-83-52
Boundary control  service 504-02-33
Linear department of internal affairs 967-82-78
VIP lounge 504-02-67, 504-02-95
Aerohotel 795-35-72 (fax. 795-35-69)
Immigration service 967-84-12
The veterinary control 967-83-96 (24 hours)
The phytocontrol 967-89-02 (24 hours)
Nursery 504-02-48 (intn. 62-37)
Medical service  504-02-49, 504-02-48
Baggage Storage  967-83-63 (intn: 2-8034)
Unclaimed Baggage  504-02-58 (24 hours)
The manager of the city terminal at Paveletsky station 363-30-64

How to reach:

By car:

On Kashirsky highway, then on the Domodedovsky highway to the airport

By public transport:

From metro station "Domodedovskaya":

     * the Trip bus 308 from 6-00 till 23-00
     * the Fixed-route taxi from 6-30 till 24-00
      Transit time: 35-40 minutes

    * Express Buses
      Transit time: 25-30 minutes
      Fare: 50 roubles. Children till 7 years are taken free of charge.

From Paveletsky station:

    * By  "Aeroexpress train"
      Departure each hour from 6-00 till 22-00. Transit time of 40-45 minutes
      The ticket can be acquired in special cash desks at station.
      The information on "Aeroexpress train" can be received at the manager of the city terminal at Paveletsky station by phone 363-30-64.

    * the Bus-express train the Domodedovo airport - the Sheremetyevo airport (the terminal 1 and 2) and back:
      Transit time: 1,5 - 2 hours
      Fare: 200 roubles. Children till 7 years are taken free of charge. The additional payment for conveyance doesn't undertake.
      You can acquire tickets for the bus in an air terminal building near to a rack 0 in a hall of an arrival of the Russian lines and is direct at the bus driver.
      The Bus express stop is located at the right wing of air terminal of  Domodedovo
    * the Aeroexpress train to Domodedovo
      Transit time: from 40 to 50 minutes
      Contact phones:
      Help Desk : (495) 933-6666.
      The manager of the city terminal at Paveletsky station: (495) 363-3064

      You can buy tickets at:
            1. The passenger terminal at Paveletsky station:
            To get to the terminal it is necessary to enter through 3rd entrance into a building of Paveletsky station and under the index will come downstairs on a ground floor. Tickets for the Aeroexpress train are on sale in cash desks which are to the left of an entrance in the passenger terminal.

            2. The international airport of Domodedovo:
            Cash desks are in the right wing from the central entrance of an aerostation complex before an exit on railway station.

Moskow, 2 Raysovaya, st. 8/29
+7 (495) 436-4892, 436-7566

+7 (495) 720-4460, +7 (909) 151-9774  (24h)

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