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VIP charters

The popularity of business aviation is growing in Russia. VIP charter is no longer a luxury or its attribute. Now it is an essential part and working tool of the serious business. Owing to the VIP charters you can save not only the most precious thing – your time, but also you can fly with the utmost comfort. During flight one can be fully concentrated on the aims of the coming negotiations by transforming plane cabin into a mini-office or take advantage of a time break and taste dishes from the favourite restaurant.

Privacy and high security are the main constituents of such flights.

And the most attractive feature that singles business aviation out of the common air transportation is a choise. You do choose and plan how to get from А to B points and not only... It is just your choice — light jet or heavy, comfort and roomy or at a reasonable price, high speedy or able to land at a small airfield, flight range or payload.

You make your choice and we save your time ensuring comfort with the highest security standards.

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